GELATO and ANGELS® is an exciting new concept that offers in-store made fresh authentic, artisanal, premium-quality Gelato, a huge variety of delicious toppings and drizzles and made to order in a California-inspired style. Also a wide range of home-backed cookies, waffles and pastry-based sweet treats in combination with the high quality Gelato. G    ELATO and ANGELS® is the home of GELADOUGH® - a Gelato-infused glazed Donut or Croissant-Donut. The signatures sundae is the SPAGHETTI-GELATO-SUNDAE, that was featured on Foodnetwork. All that presented in an Italo-American vintage atmosphere and served by well trained staff that welcomes every guest with a smile on the face.

What makes us so unique? 

We love to call it the best of both worlds. The homemade fresh Gelato with carefully selected ingredients merged with creative California-style Gelato-treats.




We are committed to make and serve high quality authentic Italian Gelato using local fresh organic produce and finest ingredients imported from Italy. We just use all natural and ORGANIC dairy carefully resourced from local farms. We make our Gelato only in SMALL BATCHES fresh EVERY DAY in-store using family recipes from Italy. We bake our own cookies, brownies and pastries fresh every morning. 


Any GELATO and ANGELS® store is way more than a place where to expect delicious Gelato. While your visit we want to bring you in a different world where all is about fun, pleasure and to forget our daily problems. That all starts with a welcoming smile from one of our friendly and well-trained employees. They are all very knowledgeable and also eager to maintain a welcoming, friendly environment.


We at GELATO and ANGELS® do our share to support our planet. Our tasting spoons are real silverware we wash and sanitize after every use. That avoids more than 100,000 plastic spoons per year! Wherever possible we use biodegradable supplies instead of plastic cups and spoons.